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High demand jobs today and in the future

posted Mar 6, 2012, 3:26 PM by Simon Nguyen   [ updated Jun 26, 2012, 1:22 AM ]
Jobs in high demand are always being discussed in future tenses, and it is for very good reasons. If one is to capture one of these jobs, it is necessary that she starts planning for it as soon as possible. For instance, you won’t become a future astronaut without first taking heavy douses of advanced math and science.

It is no secret that technology is the engine behind most of the job growth in the last 50 years. Manpower is rapidly being replaced by mind-power. Fifty years ago, you can get a decent-paid job without a college education. Today, having a 4-year degree is a prerequisite for most available jobs.

The trend is expected to continue into the next decade. As web computing is increasingly becoming the driving force behind today’s economy, high-demand jobs are likely to be web-related. Businesses will be looking for web savvy individuals who can assist them in reaping the benefits of the Internet Revolution. 

Data analyst (or data miner) is one of the most wanted jobs today and likely in the future. The amount of valuable data being processed through the Internet and other mediums is voluminous and massive. Even a small percentage of the data is more than enough to help businesses increase revenue and income potential. Data analysts are expected to capture these data and meaningfully interpret them.

As more and more companies are shifting from traditional business models to a web-centric model, there is a growing demand for experts of web analytics. Businesses need people with such expertise to manage and optimize their web properties, and web analysts are perfect fits. These analysts will be tasked with studying user activities to attract more traffic, assessing website performance to improve efficiency, and predicting trends. All of these activities will require strong technical and analytical skills.

In recent years, there has been a strong push for eco-friendly alternative energy. Even the strongest critics of this campaign have to agree that green technologies are key solutions to fulfilling future energy needs. Consequently, many of jobs in high demand will concentrate in the green technology industry.

Once the Green Revolution is in full gear, there will be a growing need for people who are familiar with these technologies. Possible careers in this field include green engineers, who will be tasked with the development of the technologies, and green technicians who will install and maintain them.

Simon Nguyen, M.A. Economics