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Arbor Day trivia quiz

posted Mar 9, 2012, 10:57 AM by Simon Nguyen   [ updated Apr 8, 2013, 2:33 PM ]

This Arbor Day trivia quiz has 12 multiple-choice questions. Answers to the Arbor Day trivia questions can be found at the end of the quiz. Enjoy and plant a new tree afterwards. 

1. Why do we celebrate Arbor Day (best answer)?
a) To advocate for a pollution-free world
b) To encourage people to plant and care for trees
c) To inspire awareness towards environmental issues 

2. Arbor Day (U.S.) is observed on the last Friday of which month of the year?
a) January b) February c) March d) April e) May

3. Which of these countries does NOT celebrate Arbor Day?
a) Brazil b) China c) Vietnam d) India 

4. Arbor Day in United States is also known as ________.
a) National Tree Planting Day
b) Earth Day
c) Greenery Day
d) Tree Hugging Day
e) There’s no other name

5. The first Arbor Day was celebrated in _____.
a) 1872 b) 1972 c) 1982 d) 1992 e) 2002

6. Who founded Arbor Day, the annual celebration of trees?
a) Robert Furnas
b) Gaylord Nelson
c) J. Sterling Morton
d) No particular person

7. The term “arbor” means ______.
a) Greenery b) Planting c) Forest d) Tree

8. What is the most popular Arbor Day’s activity?
a) Participate in a green concert
b) Recycle household paper items
c) Plant new trees
d) Reduce energy usage

9. True or False. It was estimated that more than a million trees were planted in observance of the first Arbor Day.

10. Which of these groups is the world’s biggest tree-planting organization?
a) National Arbor Day Foundation
b) Sierra Club
c) Friends of the Earth
d) Wildlife Conservation Society  

11. The first U.S. state to recognize Arbor Day was ______.
a) California b) Kansas c) New Hampshire d) Iowa e) Nebraska

12. True or False. Arbor Day is a federal holiday in the United States.

Answer Key:
1)b 2)d 3)c 4)e 5)a 6)c 7)d 8)c 9)True 10)a 11)e 12)False

Classifications: # of correct answers
10-12 Master, 7-9 Expert, 4-6 Intermediate, 0-3 Novice