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Geometry Practice Questions

posted Dec 12, 2012, 11:50 PM by Simon Nguyen   [ updated Dec 12, 2012, 11:51 PM ]
This geometry practice test has 15 multiple-choice questions. Answers to the geometry practice questions can be found at the end of the test. Feel free to use this but please link to this page. Thanks.

1. What is an obtuse angle?
a) Less than 90 degrees b) More than 90 c) More than 90 but less than 360 d) Between 90 and 180

2. Vertical angles have a combined measure of how many degrees?
a) 90 b) 180 c) 360 d) Varies

3. If at least 2 sides of a triangle are equal, it can be classified as ______.
a) Scalene b) Isosceles c) Equilateral d) Not enough information to determine

4. True or False. If two angles of a triangle are less than 90 degrees each, the triangle is called acute.

5. Which of the following is NOT a valid congruency theorem?
a) AAA b) AAS c) ASA d) SAS e) SSS

6. True or False. In a parallelogram, opposite sides are parallel & congruent and all angles are equal.

7. How many sides does an octagon have?
a) 10 b) 9 c) 8 d) 7 e) 6

8. The total number of degrees of a hexagon is ________.
a) 360 b) 540 c) 720 d) 900 e) 1080

9. What is a regular polygon?
a) All sides are equal b) All angles are equal c) Both A & B d) None of these

10. The formula to measure the circumference of a circle is ________. (Note: r is radius, d is diameter)
a) pi*2*r
b) pi*r^2
c) 2*pi*d

11. True or False. A square is a rectangle.

12. The volume formula for a right circular cylinder is ______.
a) V=area_of_base*height
b) V=(1/2)*area_of_base*height
c) V=(1/3)*area_of_base*height

13. Consider a x-y graph. What quadrant is the point (-10,-7) located?
a) Quadrant II b) Quadrant I c) Quadrant IV d) Quadrant III

14. Which alphabet letter can one draw both a horizontal line of symmetry and a vertical line of symmetry?
a) Letter E b) Letter N c) Letter S d) Letter W e) Letter H

15. On a regular graph, the midpoint between (-5,2) and (5,-2) is ______.
a) (0,0) b) (5,2) c) (-5,-2) d) Undetermined

Answer key:
1)d 2)c 3)d 4)False 5)a 6)False 7)c 8)c 9)c 10)a 11)True 12)a 13)d 14)e 15)a