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State of the Union Trivia Quiz

posted Jan 4, 2012, 3:01 PM by Simon Nguyen   [ updated Feb 3, 2013, 12:01 AM ]

This State of the Union trivia quiz features 12 multiple-choice questions. Answers to the State of the Union trivia questions can be found at the end of the quiz. Enjoy and have fun watching the address.

1. Who is to deliver the State of the Union speech?
a) The Speaker of the House b) The Senate Majority Leader c) The Chief Justice d) The Vice President e) The President

2. Who gave the first State of the Union address?
a) Abraham Lincoln b) Thomas Jefferson c) George Washington d) Theodore Roosevelt e) Franklin Roosevelt

3. To whom does the speech supposedly address?
a) The people b) Congress c) Cabinet members d) Federal employees e) a and b

4. The State of the Union address typically takes place in ______.
a) January b) February c) March d) a or b e) None of the above

5. The State of the Union address was previously called ________.
a) The President’s Address b) Presidential Address to Congress c) The Inaugural Address d) The President's Annual Message to Congress

6. Originally, the State of the Union address was delivered in ______.
a) Written form b) Verbal form c) Both

7. Which two U.S. presidents were the only ones to have never delivered a State of the Union speech?
a) Hayes, Arthur b) Harding, Hoover c) Washington, Adams d) Garfield, Harrison e) Ford, Fillmore

8. What is the main purpose of the State of the Union address?
a) To tout achievements b) To celebrate the New Year c) To outline the President’s agenda d) To outline legislative agenda and priorities e) c and d

9. Who delivered the most number of State of Union addresses?
a) Theodore Roosevelt b) Franklin D. Roosevelt c) Woodrow Wilson d) Ronald Reagan e) Bill Clinton

10. Who typically delivers the opposition response to the President’s address?
a) The Vice President b) Leader of a hostile country c) An ordinary Joe d) The First Lady e) A representative of the minority party

11. What year did the State of Union first deliver orally rather than textually?
a) 1911 b) 1912 c) 1913 d) 1914 e) 1915

12. True or False. The State of the Union address is mandated by the constitution.

Answer Key:
1)e 2)c 3)b 4)d 5)d 6)a 7)d 8)d 9)a 10)e 11)c 12)True

Classifications: # of correct answers
10-12 Master, 7-9 Expert, 4-6 Intermediate, 0-3 Novice