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Wimbledon trivia quiz

posted Dec 30, 2012, 12:58 AM by Simon Nguyen
This Wimbledon trivia quiz has 12 multiple-choice questions. Answers to the Wimbledon trivia questions can be found at the end of the quiz. Have fun and share it with your tennis pals.

1. The Wimbledon championships are held annually at which famed tennis venue.
a) Roland Garros Stadium b) Flushing Meadows Park c) All-England Club d) Melbourne Park

2. What is the court surface for Wimbledon?
a) Hard b) Grass c) Clay d) Carpet

3. To win the Wimbledon title, how many non-qualifier matches a player has to win?
a) 7 b) 6 c) 8 d) 9

4. Who holds the record for the most Wimbledon singles titles?
a) Pete Sampras b) Steffi Graf c) Roger Federer d) Martina Navratilova e) A tie b/w 2 players

5. The Centre Court at Wimbledon underwent a renovation in 2009. What was the improvement?
a) New seats b) A retractable roof c) LCD scoreboard

6. What are the unique features of the Wimbledon logo?
a) Picture of two rackets and a ball
b) Purple and green colors
c) The royal emblem
d) A and B

7. Which of the following players had never won a Wimbledon singles title?
a) Richard Krajicek b) Amelie Mauresmo c) Ivan Lendl d) Virginia Wade

8. Wimbledon is known for its strict dress code. Players are required to wear attires of what color for matches.
a) White b) Black c) Dark green b) Purple

9. Wimbledon (2004) is a romantic comedy movie that starred Kirsten Dunst and ________.
a) Jude Law b) Paul Bettany c) Michael Sheen d) David Tennant

10. In the tennis calendar, which grand slam event takes place before Wimbledon?
a) U.S. Open b) Roland Garros c) Australian Open

11. Who was the youngest men's Wimbledon winner?
a) Roger Federer b) Rafael Nadal c) Andre Agassi d) Boris Becker

12. True or false. Wimbledon is the oldest of the four grand slam events.

Answer key:
1)c 2)b 3)a 4)d 5)b 6)d 7)c 8)a 9)b 10)b 11)d 12)True

Classifications: # of correct answers
10-12 Master, 7-9 Expert, 4-6 Intermediate, 0-3 Novice